Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Sometimes I poem

Sometimes, when I'm trying to define the heart of a new story or a main character, it helps me to write a short poem about whatever scene I have so vividly painted in my head that I feel compelled to expand on that scene by 80,000 words or so. One WIP I have currently on my burners is tentatively titled "The Maybe Road." Here is the poem for that story:

Fog claims the distance,
leaving the dock, the water, and me.
Weathered planks roll and buck,

I am less safe on solid ground,
Everything I shouldn’t want upon that beach.
So I cannot set foot upon the sand again,
For fear I’ll never leave.

Can you see our Maybe Road
Peeking from the twisted oak?
A lifetime of what could’ve been
Had I traded yes for no.

The ferry comes and I step on board.
You’d call it a decision in itself.
In the sliding gray, I am offered no reflection,
Merely a shadow of myself.

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