Saturday, April 13, 2013

A-Z Challenge: L is for Lucas

I have to admit, once I got to know Lucas, Tanzy's main squeeze, I kind of had a crush on him myself. His organic devotion to Tanzy's soul gave me the warm and fuzzies. And he's the kind of good-looking that doesn't strike you at first, but comes on slow, and simmers in your memory long after you've left him.

Tanzy and Lucas's initial interaction was inspired by Buffy and Angel's first interaction: a little sass, a little spice, and tension that pulls like a tightrope between them as each side tugs their end of the rope a little closer.It should be no surprise that this BTVS junkie took a page from Angel's lovely features in crafting Lucas: dark hair, dark eyes. But that's where their similarities end. Lucas's face is more angular and lean. One side of his face has two long scars that run from beneath his eye to his jaw. But the way he gets them... *sigh*...) Oh, sorry. One of my favorite details: he has mud on his boots the first time they meet.

But, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. So here are a few pictures that remind me of Lucas. (Sorry, boys. Tanzy and Vanessa will make up for it on their days.)


Ramble on, y'all.