Monday, April 8, 2013

A-Z challenge: G is for Good vs Evil

Good -vs- evil. It's as old as once upon a time. Heck, it's even biblical. So why, millions of versions later, are we still so fascinated by it? The simple answer: we like it when the good guys win and the bad guys get what's coming to them. I know I do. It makes me feel like there's order in the world, like someone is actually looking out for the people trying to do things right.

But I think there's a flip side to that, too. The yin to the yang. Can you say - with absolute certainty - that you are a good human being with no ill will or thoughts, that you make the "right" decision, every moment of every day? Is that what we expect of our stalwart and true heroes? And on the other side of that, are our villains without any redeeming qualities? Are they simply evil for evil's sake? What's their motive? The end goal? And what dark hour in their past turned their hearts to stone? This duality is what intrigues me most.

With Moonlit's release eight short days away, I've been answering tons of interview questions for blog tours, etc. One question asked me whether I thought the story or the characters was more important. I could see an argument for either side, but for me, it's all about the characters. What makes them tick. What's beneath the surface, and then under that. Those flaws and hot-buttons drive their decisions, and their decisions create my story.

My villain, Asher, is a bull-headed dude with a short temper and some serious tunnel-vision. His turn in the spotlight will come in the third book of the series, where I'll pull the curtains back on what has hardened his heart. He's not sweet, but he's not soulless, either. And Tanzy, my heroine, is a bull-headed chick with an impulsive side and trust issues. She made some decisions in Moonlit that will come back to haunt her big time in the sequel.

I like to see just how far I can push my characters, good and evil alike. I can't help but wonder if Freud would say that it's an exploration of self... What about you? What's your take on good-vs-evil? Who is your favorite Heroine? Your favorite villain?

My favorite good guy: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sassy, strong, and loyal.
My favorite bad guy: Spike (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.) I know, I'm kind of cheating. But he was a most excellent bad dude.


  1. I love writing and reading about characters who have a good level duality. No one likes a totally good or bad character. It's all the gray areas that make them interesting.

  2. Oh, I loved Spike!

    I'm not going to say that there aren't people who can be all evil, but most bad guys do have some redeeming qualities. There is usually a reason, somewhere in life's storms, that have caused them to choose their path.

    Like Westley, in Princess Bride, I'm mostly good--like he was mostly dead. :-) but when I've made my mistakes they have been doozies. lol!

  3. I'm a huge Buffy fan. But I'd pick Drucilla from the bad guys on that- mainly because her background is so interesting and twisted her so much.

  4. So true good and evil are not all black and white. Good luck with your book release.

  5. Great post! I agree, I don't think anyone is all evil or all goodness. We all have our dark sides.

  6. Oooh Druscilla is a good villain... I only thought of male mischief makers for some reason. I also really like Sarah Michelle Gellar's character in "Cruel Intentions," but I pretty much fangirl over any role she takes.


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