Thursday, August 30, 2012

What's in a name?

Now that my book is in the editing phase, a lot of the control is blissfully and terrifyingly out of my hands. I know it's all for the better - the team at WiDo is fantastic and I have the utmost face in their ability to polish a story 'til it shines. I'm very curious about any plot/character tweaks they'll want to make, and I hope I can deliver the changes they want.

One of the things about the book we keep bouncing around is the name. The first couple of years I worked on it I refered to it as "Origins." But then I started thinking about the word "Origin." Saying it made me feel a little funny. And I think there's a store called Origins. Or a shoe company. Or both. Either way, I am positive it wouldn't be the first book called Origins. So then I started calling it "Be Seeing You." The new label has more to do with the relationship between my protagonist and her love interest. But my submissions editor reassured me that the name is likely to change - and to change several times - between now and when it hits the shelves. So for now I'm referring to it as the first book in the Tanzy Hightower series, although the series will also be named something different too. Oiy. The good news is: there's an entire marketing department who is really good at diving into the heart of the story and digging out a name fitting for such a twisted, devastating adventure.


  1. Hi Jadie! I love your character's name, Tanzy Hightower. That's very memorable. Were you able to get the Twitter icon thingy figured out?

  2. Hi Karen! Thank you :) The name "Tanzy" was adapted from a greek name that means "eternal," and that plays into the plot big time, of course :) Yes, I think I got it figured out. Google is my savior. Thanks for checking!


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