Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Decatur Book Festival

I'm about to admit something I'm not proud of. Don't think less of me, okay? I grew up in the Decatur area, but this is the first year I've ever been to the Decatur Book Festival. I know, I know. I live an hour away now, and in the 2 years since I moved away I've seen more of Atlanta's attractions than I ever did when I lived there. Maybe it's like those blurry pictures where you can't see what it is unless you're standing further away... but I digress.

The Decatur Book Festival is, in a word, bliss. Surrounded by fellow writers and people who really dig the fact that there are writers in this world is an amazing feeling. Authors get face time with current and potential readers, and they even have several stages set up where authors have an allotted time to tell an audience about their books. Talk about awesome exposure. Not to mention, I think many writers - and I'm included in this - like to hole up in our offices and stories. But that makes it easy to turn into a hermit. The Book Festival is a great way to get face time with our supporters, to say thank you in person, and then to go home and curl up with wine/tea/cake/etc. and continue brainstorming.

I bought several books and have plans to buy a whole lot more on my nook once I finally get brave enough to set it up. (I know I'm making it way harder than it is, I am just terrified of new stuff.) I regret that I missed meeting C.J. Redwine - her novel "Defiance" was released last week - and Lori Ann Robinson, author of "Bimini, the Romance."

I can't believe that next year I might be on the other side of the table, talking about my book. I got to tell several other authors about Tanzy and her shenanigans, which was such good practice for me, and they all seemed very enthusiastic about the story. Speaking of which, Wido Publishing posted a little write-up for my first book - to be released next year - and here it is:

When it comes to horses, Tanzy Hightower knows she has a gift. But Tanzy also has a secret, and it threatens to rip her world to shreds. When a routine night ride turns into a nightmare, she narrowly escapes with her life. But Tanzy’s reality is destroyed, and she is forced to question everything she thought she knew – from the freak accident that killed her father to the very blood coursing through her veins. In order to find the answers, Tanzy must put her faith in Lucas, a scarred, beautiful stranger, and Vanessa, a new friend with a secret of her own, as she travels a thousand years into the past to discover the deadly reason her soul was first created.

Check out the full write up here:

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