Thursday, April 25, 2013

A-Z: V is for Vanessa

When my main character Tanzy Hightower loses everything in a single night, new friend Vanessa Andrews is a light in the dark. They share a rare secret, and their paths also crossed in a previous life. But I digress...

About Vanessa: A doctor's charming trophy-wife, she meets Tanzy in the hospital following her "accident," and helps Tanzy figure out exactly what has happened to her body. Vanessa's physical appearance was inspired by Stephanie Schlund, my friend and rising-star actress, who will appear as Cashmere in Hunger Games - Catching Fire. If it ever came to casting Vanessa, I would want Stephanie Schlund to play the part. She's brilliant, sassy, savvy, and she can be hell on heels if you cross somebody she cares about.

Here are a few pictures that make me think of Vanessa Andrews:

Stephanie Leigh Schlund

Sorry... this must have just slipped in here.. can't imagine what it means...

Vanessa was one of my favorite characters to get to know. And as the trilogy unfolds, I have a feeling you'll see why.

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